Jim Carrey – True Hallucinations

Fans of the late,  great Terence McKenna can soon rejoice! The long rumored independent film based on Terence McKenna’s life and work is soon going to start production. And it will star the amazing Jim Carrey in the lead role.

Carrey seems to be greatly affected by the late philosopher Terence McKenna. When asked about why he was inspired to do this project he claims: “Much of the problem of the modern dilemma is that direct experience has been discounted and in its place all kinds of belief systems have been erected.”

Not much more is known of Jim’s extraordinary adventures but the words coming out of him already suggest a major transformation.

Terence McKenna’s True Hallucinations is an experimental documentary about the chaos at La Chorrera, the imagination, time, the Logos, belief, hope, madness, and doubt. Created by Peter Bergmann, this project is an expansion of ideas first presented in “The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time”.

You can watch the original documentary YouTube, here:

Jim Carrey told reporters “The real message of psychedelics, I think, is to reclaim experience and to trust yourself. Your perceptions are primary. Your feelings are correct. Everything must constellate out and make sense and parse with what you know. If you don’t start from that assumption then you are off center to begin with. And the psychedelics will dissolve the cultural programming that has potentially made you a mark and restore your authenticity.”


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